First of all sorry if this is in the wrong forum but...

Im currently learning a hangar 18 solo, my book says its solo "K". I could play it pretty well by by itself but when i tried to play the part just before it and then play the solo i noticed that the solo wasnt as clean and i was having a little difficulty playing it. I found out that when i play the palm muted ryhthm parts i choke the pick off more and hold it a lot more firm, when i play solos i tend to loosen up and not really choke it off. I was wondering if this is a problem and which way of holding the pick should i stop doing, or if its normal and i just need to learn to loosen up just before a solo. Thanks for any responses.
Just break it into tiny parts (those that cause you any problems)

-Get a metronome

-Slow it down

-Practice practice practice

-Take a break, watch the retarded video for the awesome song in youtube and dance around like spacemen

-Slowly speed it up evenly

-Match to real speed

You probably have to loose a bit your hand with practice on that specific solo(Mustaine is an artist isn't he?) by going at it a bit slower, then increasing speed in an accurate way. Happens from while to while, even if its easy because you probably have to nail the feeling of the playing in that song down.
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Thanks , i can play it basically perfect, i am still working on it , what i have done is slowed down the song and played with it , increasing speed slowly, but my main concern was about switching the way i hold the pick when playing it.