So I went to the local guitar shop to test some overdrive pedals on my V1512 earlier today. I didn't want to spend the time to securely drive my amp around town, so I just sat it in the passenger seat unbuckled. As I was heading home, I saw a red light a little bit late and had to stop from ~40mph in a really short distance. I completely forgot about the amplifier sitting right next to me and watched as it slammed into the dashboard and made a rather disgusting crunch sound. The only thought I had was something rather obscene about how my amp was damaged and would need a ton of new parts. I decided to test it out once I got home and found, to my surprise, there was absolutely no damage to it sonically. The reverb tank worked just fine, and the tone didn't change from before the smack. It doesn't even look like it was dinged at all!

I've learned my lesson to not drive with my amp in the car without securing it behind a seat, but if you were ever wondering, the answer is YES, the V-Series amps are built very sturdy and can take quite a blow while still ticking.
LOL nice. Yeah theres a Youtube vid of someone playing a V50, and in the middle of the guys playing, some guy unplugs his guitar, picks up the amp, and throws it 10 feet onto a concrete floor.

Then he picks it back up, brings it to the guy, and plugs it back in and he starts playin again.
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I opened mine up. Very clean PCB.
One of the preamp tubes was cracked when I got my amp in the mail, which could've either happened before or during shipping (though I might say when it was being assembled, after seeing it take such a fall in that video). Other than that I agree on its durability.
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I think the reliabily has less to do with how much physical abuse the amp can sustain and more with well it functions over time. As long as the amp has been competently put together, it should be able to take a few hits, what is more important is how well the amp works under more extreme conditions, cranked up loud, running hot over long periods of time, whether that causes any damage to parts, or whether the amp has overheating problems, that say hows more about the reliability than whether the amp can take a hit and still function or not.