So with my BR900CD i could easily take a RCA lead with one end a 3.5mm jack from my laptop to my line in on the boss.

I got a boss br1600cd yesterday. It has 8 inputs for simultanious recording. The trouble is that all 8 inputs are XLR and 1/4" sockets (Guitar cable). I can take a normal 3.5 to 1/4 lead and go from my laptop out to one of the inputs, but i completely lose the right channel and am basically listening through one side in my headphones or hearing the 1 channel through both sides. I think i need to direct one laptop channel to one input, and the other to another input.

Im really not sure how to go about doing this. Ive read about DI boxes and that but they wouldn't be much help unless they had a seperate Left out and Right out i could use.

Any light on this matter would be a great help!!

Ok so i think what i need is a unit in which i plug 1 L and R phono leadin and get a left out and right out with are both 1/4"

Is there any such thing?