I want to learn "Counterweight" by Heaven Shall Burn

How fast do I need to learn to pick in order to play this song?

What speed should I be shooting for on a metronome?

Here is a You Tube video of someone playing the song:

Here is the tab:

Any help is appreciated.
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Don't know the song at all, but here's all you need to know:

• Start it out slow. Get the rhythm down and make sure it's accurate.

• LISTEN TO THE SONG! Making music is all about your ears. If you listen to the song you'll get an idea of what tempo you need to play it at. Adjust the metronome and your picking accordingly.

• If at all possible, record yourself practicing. It's easy to think you're doing somthing well when you're not, but tape doesn't lie. You can do it on a computer, a digital recorder, or even a cheapo $5 tape deck from your local thrift store. It's a great practice tool.

• Practice often and keep those fingers limber.

Hope those help. Good luck!
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From the looks of it you need to be able to tremolo pick pretty well.
Work on being able to play faster than the song actually is, that way you won't struggle with the speed and you'll be able to play it with ease.
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Thanks for the help guys, it looks like there isnt a clear cut answer to how fast the song is but rather its just a matter of listening to it and playing by ear.
It doesn't matter what speed the metronome says - you just need to be able to play however fast the song is.

Besides, how fast you can play exercises has little bearing on your ability to play songs.
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