Brand new Soapbar II with over 100$ of tweaks and setup.

I just got it from a local luthier who was demo'ing it for his studio. It was set up by him and would've cost well over 100$. He checked all the frets, the bridge, the nut, and set it up just today with brand new strings and intonation making sure it was show room quality. There is not a single scratch on this baby. I will get some pics up as soon as possible. It's solid Mahogony and comes with two cream P90 soapbar pick ups. Unfortunately this just isn't my thing but I got it anyways hoping for a sale or to trade on a guitar with some EMGs or something along those lines.

I am located in canada BTW.

From the website:

"The PRS Guitars SE Soapbar II Electric Guitar carries on in the tradition of the original SE Soapbar but with the distinctive PRS double cutaway shape. This beautiful guitar features a solid mahogany body with a set mahogany neck, 2 specially designed soapbar pickups, and a PRS-designed stoptail bridge."

Thanks for looking