It has plenty of metal (as always), but with many melodic flavours.
I consider this the pinnacle of my songwriting, melody and structure-wise. I've been working on this for the last month, and I'm glad I've finished, as it was consuming my life.

Take a look, and enjoy.
hmmm i kinda liked the guitar riffs, but not really the clean guitar and the violin. of course they are pretty good for doom metal, so there isnt much to say about it. strong verse and riffs.
nice ,but just not my style
Man, that was nuts! I loved it, especialy the lead work by the acoustic guitar track. Some good stuff going on there.

Something else I quite liked was the viola, its a sound that seems to contrast with the rest of the instruments, but is a bit of a welcome change, I don't know how to describe, its awesome though.

The only criticism I can really give is about the first riff, it's manic enough, but i'm not a big fan of it. If you changed the third bar of it and maybe repeated it a few less times I think it would be better.

my favorite bit is the arpeggios in 77-104, some nice work there. I love how a change to a four bar riff makes the everything unexpected, even though it's still relatively simple.

I'd be interested to hear vocals to something like this.
This is one of the few songs of mine that I seriously wanna record.
I just need an excellent...violaist?

Which portion of that riff do you mean though?
Because the riff adds a reverse measure the second time it's played, which is meant to sync up with the 77-104 arpeggios, if you see what I mean.
I think I know which part, listening through it again.
This song was very odd. It sounded exactly like the type of technical metal I didn't like, the atonal avant garde kind of thing, but I really liked this peice. It had this thing going on where I'd have it on without listening to it that carefully and think "this is bull****, it's just random notes put together anywhere", but when actually listening to it and not doing anything else I'd realise it has a lot of strong melodies and riffs. It's definitely the kind of music you really have to listen to to appreciate. I also liked how everything fitted together so well despite being really dissonant and seemingly random.

I liked the riff starting at bar 43 , as well as being a pretty cool riff it was a good contrast to the parts before it that sounded really chaotic. I didn't like the acoustic lead part there so much, it kind of seemed too random, it wasn't really very memorable or strong I thought.

I loved what happened in barsv 53 - 70, for some reason I just really liked the short voila sections and the riff jumping from clean to distorted guitars. The arpeggios at bar 77 are really good, I love how they're mainly major-scale and happy sounding but have some dissonance in there, making it sound kind of an insane, messed-up kind of happy instead of a cheesy kind of happy, if that makes sense. I loved the little bits you started adding in at bar 93 too.

The riff starting on bar 108 is pretty cool, but I didn't really like the solos over the top of it. They just didn't seem to match, and they weren't particularly memorable. The solos were pretty much the one thing I didn't like about the song, too many straight quaver runs that really did kind of sound like picking random notes and putting them one after the other.

The ending I also thought was too abrupt, it would work if you just put a little outro fill thing at the end, or something to make it seem like it's actually finished. It isn't too bad as it is though.

Overall, it's not my type of music at all, usually I'm not into this kind of metal but I still really liked this song. I'd be interested to hear this if it ever gets recorded.
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