hi guys. fairly new to bass as a serious discipline and i'm playing an aria IGB-30. it's a really nice bass for the price i got it ($180) but i've been having trouble playing higher up. i was playing "one better" by les claypool and it proved moderately difficult. when i did get it down, the tone of the slapping and popping didn't sound right.

i started playing it down at the fifth fret and it sounded like it should, albeit in a different key. so i got to thinking my action's too high. needless to say, i got out the ruler and measured. at the 24th fret it's about 6 mm, 14th fret is roughly 5 mm then down on the 3rd fret it's about 2.5 mm.

so basically what i'm saying is i realize i need to lower the action, however, in altering the height at the bridge, how badly is it going to affect the action towards the first couple of frets, which are just about right? i'm assuming not much, but i really don't want a fret buzz problem. when changing action before it was always just for fun on a crappy strat, never really out of necessity.

any advice? i guess it'd be best to get it done at the shop but i'm a poor college student. agh!
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