at first, my problems werent so big. i needed to replace the 5 way switch of my strat, buy a new cable to replace one of my crappy POS ones. and then my amp died on me. i took it in on warranty for repairs (for the 4th time) and they kept it for 2 weeks and really didnt do anything except charge me for non existant labor. and now, when i took my epi les paul out for one of my ensemble classes today, i noticed one HUGE problem with it. The headstock has all but fell off, its only being held on by the veneer. i dont know what the F to do and i dont know why this is all happening. anyway, im just venting and wondering if anyone else has had this problem of all your **** committing suicide?
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Chea_man is the best.
no i buy reliable gear and dont let anyone mess with my ****. oh i make sure to take care of it too.
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if you didnt notice the nearly falling off headstock before.....sounds like someone has been messing with it.

I agree. Headstocks just don't fall off. Someone had to do something when you weren't around.
My L6 POD X3 Live keeps commiting suicide. It sucks, I know. It just died again on me yesterday, time for another tri to the servicer... But really, just hold on, you'll make it through
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