Has anyone used any of these guitars?

The place where I get my lessons from has had this semi-hollow or hollow bodied DeArmond that's intrigued me for awhile. It's listed at something around 830 bucks, and they're selling it for around 430 so I'm curious as to what model it is.

It looks something like this: http://www.guitarsandeffects.com/guitarimages2006/dearmond_m75t_sparklex/m75_t_dearmond_002.jpg

Although I believe the model at the store has F-holes if i'm not mistaken, and the finish has an almost goldish/green look to it. Can anyone help me? the website I found the picture off of lists it as a DeArmond M75T, but I think the one at the store differs slightly.
My friend has one and he loves it. I've played it and didnt think it was incredible but it was good.
they were guild-like guitars made by fender in the 90s
someone correct me if im wrong