Hey guys, I'm doing a research paper about music and how it effects mood. I was just curious as to if any of you had any credible websites that might talk about the subject at hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

go to 4chan.org and look under Misc. and then click "Random" that's a great one for paper subjects
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go to 4chan.com and look under /b/ that's a great one for paper subjects

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I'm trying to find a credible source, preferably research articles from previous tests and what have you.
Check out This is Your Brain on Music. Daniel J. Levitin.
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Well this isn't any help but music doesn't really affect my mood, I select music based on my mood. Like Decapitated if I'm feeling angry or something.

That's basically what I was gonna say. Except for the Decapitated part. I just play any Death metal when I'm pissed.
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I'm gonna have to disagree. I believe that music does effect mood. When you're pissed and you put on some death metal, do you feel better after you listen to it a while and let some aggression going? If so, then yes, music DOES effect mood.
Iunno if it's gonna help you or not, but it was either Aristotle or Plato that said music a person listened to and their behaviors/mood were connected.
In my opinion music DOES affect mood in that mood is the reason we compose in the first place. Muisc is lifeless without the mood of its composers. Take Bach's Preludium 1 from his Well Tempered Clavier, even though its based off an excersise for his children, you can tell that bach moved himself through the piece.
music does effect mood, because music triggers certain memories and emotions with each song. pwn'd. btw, check out some university sites, that might help.
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