Hi. I'm looking for some form of marshall (tube) for modern rock. when i say modern rock think sevendust or black stone cherry or maybe tool

I also want it to be able to clean up well.

and please dont say anything stupid about a peavy 6505.

if it helps, i like to down tune to drop d or b. and i have a gibson les paul studio 1993.
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Why are you limiting yourself to just Marshall?
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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Why are you limiting yourself to just Marshall?

I assume because it's Marshall, and while he said not to say anything 'stupid' about the peavey 6505, it responds extremely well to drop tunings.
check out the jvm series, maybe something older like a dsl depending on your price range.
JVM, TSL, DSL will all do the trick
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New marshalls sound sterile to me, The VMs have really thin sounding gain, the JVMs are overpriced, the JCM2000s are good but really muddy.

Get a Peavey XXX, I find those have really good sounds for this modern music and they clean up very well, that or an ENGL Screamer Combo