I have a crate b-20 bass amp, is there anyway that i can turn it into a guitar amp? (I don't play bass anymore)I dont really need diagrams just some ideas of what to do to it
You can play a guitar through a bass amp. I don't know if it will sound good though.
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yeah I want to do some mods to it to lower bass and raise the mids and highs is this possible? Ill also be turning it into a head and building a 2x12 cab if i can mod it easily
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can anyone help me ouit in any way? If i just change it to running through a 2x12 guitar cab would it raise the lows enough to sound decent? or is there any type of pedal build i could build into to raise lows ?
Lots of things will help. Get an eq pedal, or play with pedals that cut out low end like the big muff or an OD pedal.

It's a waste of time to try actually modify the bass amp itself. Just lower use your ears with the eq. Nothing inherently 'wrong' with an extra bassy guitar. And I don't know what the b20 is, but I'm assuming it has 20 watts and has a 10 inch speaker. No, 2 twelves will not reduce the bass, though they might change the sound in a positive way.

Honestly, for the cost of modifying it and building a decent 2*12 cab, you could just buy a decent guitar combo.
Shouldnt have to change anything to be able to play guitar thru it. It wont have any kind of on board distortion is all. I have an old deanmarkley bass amp I run in stereo with a little 15 watt practice amp all the time. The bass amp has better highs than the guitar amp does.