Hey everyone,

I really don't know what genre this is. The verse riff was inspired by the song "The Weak Willed", by All That Remains, but the rest has no influence besides my own.

The Rise and Fall.zip

Yes, poop.
I like it.

As for the genre, it sounds like metalcore to me.

In my restless dreams...
I see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me there again someday.
But you never did.

Well, I'm alone there now.
In our 'special place'...
Waiting for you.

I digged it alot; didn't really dig the intro or breakdown man. change those up; and it would be soooo solid. Maybe throw in a guitar solo. This song screams shred!
Hell , pretty strong intro there got my attention right away. pre-chorus and chorus kicks ass, really reminds me of ATR . also i think you could do more work on the breakdown, altough when the second guitar comes in, it gets good. I also could imagine a solo at the end, but thats a suggestion only. theres nothing much left to say. solid, nice work.! 8/10

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Your songs are freakin' awesome. I loved it all. The only thing is... it needs a sold . Also, I don't think the intro fit in with the song that much. Other then that I thought it was really good. Some of the riffs were really awesome. The "Pre-Something" owned. :P