A new band from Canada; extremely good. Clean vocals are magnificent and the guitars are absolutely mind blowing. Screaming could use some work but besides that, these guys are perfect. Some people think they sound a lot similar to Protest The Hero, which I do not agree with at all. I suggest you listen.

If anyone would be so kind as to tab their last song, Dead Girls Don't Smile, on their EP, Ms. Mary Mallon, that would be of great help. Thank you very much.
Yeah, they do shows in Ottawa, I see them pretty regularly.

I can try to tab out Dead Girls Don't Smile, although I'm a little more interested in The Artisan Movement. Maybe I can talk to the band and beat some tabs out of them . I'll see what I can do.
Today i caught the plague may have a few similarities but there are more differences. plague has a more melow tone which was accidental. the singer told me they recorded in someone's basement and didnt have any engineers or producers to give them tips or tone suggestions. David the singer has a totally different style than Rody, rody is more agressive. the guitarists seem to be very classical guitar sounding where as protest's sound seems to be immitating piano from beetoven and chopin and others similar. if anything today i caught the plague sounds like between the buried and me. but plagues is all over the place they dont sound like one style. at least thats what i beleive. their stage presence is a whole other story but great band cant wait for them to go big