ok so have $250 to spend on expanding my tonal arsenal and i need advice on some stuff.

i was thinking about getting a squire standard telecaster(no affinity) or new tubes for my v33 head. i have to say the tubes in my amp suck. the stock sovteks have little picking response. i wanted the telecaster because i have been doing allot of slightly over driven stuff and my les paul isn't giving the cleanish sound im after.

witch do you think would be the more logical thing to do? tele or better tubes?
I would go for tubes, and then save for a nicer tele than a squier.
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i need alot of peoples input at this point because im having a super hard time choosing. haha. i wish i could buy a better tele but im broke haha.
Save a little more and get a second-hand MIJ Fender Tele

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What kind of cab are you using for the V33 head? A speaker change may be in order as well...
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