This song i'm writing is not complete
acoustic intro then turns into heavy distortion

[--]=scream fast
"--"=behind lead singer

I'm finding you...
Oh, I'm finding you...

Last time, you see!
You took the best of me!

Of! [Me!!!]
[You took the best when I!]
[-Tried to find you-]
"-[-Finding you!-]-"

So you just think of me...
"-Finding! You!!!-"
(guitar solo here)
thats all i got, tell me what you think...yeah i know it sucks
I like the idea, sounds like it's gonna be a pretty intense song.
As regards the lyrics I'd say you should develop an idea more than just 'finding you' - like adding to the story a bit. Obviously you'll need more verses in which you can do that.

I hope to hear it should you ever record it
This has the potential of becoming something great, but more lyrics need to be added to give it a story line. but so far so good.
So far... really... you have one line, and stretched the idea to find four verses.

Try using italics, bold, underlining, font size etc to distinguish between parts, so you don't have to explain it and we don't have to look at a piece littered with []'s and-'s.