What do you people think of Behringer's stomps , Im usualy broke so good investment???
Hmm.....let me tell you a couple stories.

I got a Behringer compressor on a whim and decided that, for whatever reason, I liked it better than other compressors, and if it ain't broke, why fix it. I would probably not buy another one....but something about this one's guts I liked better than a Dyna-comp I got to play. One in a million, I think, and the reason is.....

On the other end, I got their knock-off of Boss's NS-2 and the piece of **** broke on me within a week, made all these fizzy noises and worked like a really crappy fuzz box rather than a noise suppressor. I also tried their wah out when it was on one of those floor display rigs....it was a lousy, thin-sounding tone-sucker.

Granted, I bought the compressor and "Noise Reducer" to just experiment with trying to find some different sounds in my rig for $20 each....but I would recommend if you want something more than that, and you're not into fooling around with pedals just to mod and see what can be done with a soldering gun and an imagination, you should save your money and get the real deal.
'Cause I have done it before and I will do it some more....
They're usually passable for the first few months, then they become totally crap. Ie plastic breaking or generally not working.

Save up for something better.

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