... of amps if I want to play metal, but want to be able to get a nice, clear and mellow clean tone as well? Basically, I have a budget of around $600, perhaps a little higher if necessary, and I play metal of the doom/ gothic/ Black metal variety. So I need to be able to get a heavy and dark (this being the most important) sound, but I also want to be able to fulfill those clean interlude requirements. I'm aware this is a tall order to get with a low-budget amp, I just want to get the best thing for my needs for the money.

Some bands I listen to and want to get the sound of are Anathema, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Agalloch, Empyrium, Type O Negative, etc. I'm going to be picking up a PRS Singlecut SE probably soon too, if that helps. Some amps I've been looking at are the Valveking (which I've pretty much decided against based on all the bad things people say) and some Laney's. Obviously a combo amp is what I'll probably need based on my budget.

So any suggestions/ advice? To really get what I'm looking for I'll probably need some effects and things as well, but right now I just need a decent amp.