Jesus christ. Anyone ever hear of this guy?


For those who don't wanna go, here's something from the site.

Howard Dully is a lobotomy survivor, public speaker, and co-author of My Lobotomy.

Dully's stepmother didn't like her stepson so, to resolve the matter, in 1960, Howard's stepmother took 12-year-old Howard to Dr. Walter Freeman, to change her son's personality via transorbital lobotomy. According to Howard, when his stepmother realized the operation didn't turn him "into a vegetable, she got me out of the house. I was made a ward of the state."

Amazingly, today, Howard Dully is a thriving adult, unlike many of Freeman's former patients.

What I can't get is, why the hell was this Walter Freeman guy never stripped of his medical license, and why wasn't the stepmom ever like..put on trial or whatever for this? I mean, the guy more or less just jabbed an ice pick into some poor kid's head.

Quote by original=punk
Jesus christ. Anyone ever hear of this guy?

Yeah, I've heard about him. He was a prophet and a messiah. Lot of people have heard about him I'm pretty sure.
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