I have a Admira Juanita from 2005 (received it from a friend who had used/misused it for a couple of months and decided he didn't like it). It's been in its gig bag in my basement for a few years, and I've recently taken it out to play.

It was a right-handed instrument, so being left-handed, I restrung it left-handedly with D'Addario ProArte silverplated wound/black nylon strings. It's a pretty cheap instrument, and from what I could tell, there was no differentiation in the string grooves in the nut, so I figured it would be fine to restring that way.

It's in reasonable condition, there's no cracking or any real damage to it. The neck is straight and the action is pretty reasonable. When I'm not using it, it's on a rack out of the way of vents or sunlight.

Now, for the problem... tuning it is fine. But after playing it (or sometime not even), the strings detune by like, a whole step after about 5 minutes. I can't figure out what's wrong, or how to fix it... could somebody help a guitar newbie out?
um it may just be the fact that it is a cheap guitar, i mean it could also just be the strings and how its wound. you kinda vauge on the details, but from my exp. cheap guitars= crappy tuning holding
Nylon strings are like that. Even if it is strung properly it will go out of tune quickly for a week or so until the string have stretched. It should be OK after that.
The strings could be slipping at the tuners. Or... it might be the strings... The fact that you've left it there a few years makes me tend to believe that you need a string change.
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I changed the strings last month, so I'll keep tabs on how they're doing. I think I'll investigate the tuners too, they look kind of shifty.