ummm, they say (by scars on broadway) is about the easiest song ever to learn... alot of songs by system of a down are pretty simple too...
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Dont Cry - guns n roses. It may pose a bit of a challenge but thats what you need when your a beginner.
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Dont Cry by gnr??? WTF, yeah maybe after he's been playing for a while, but it sounds like he's looking for a beginner song and that is not one of them.

Try poisons talk dirty to me and hash pipe by weezer (faster but dooable) or ziggy stardust by david bowie. and surprisingly enough, mississippi queen by mountain sounds impressive but can be learned at a beginner type level.

I say this because I've only been playing for 2 years and just finished don't cry, definently more challenging than my other suggestions. I've tried and dessicrated a couple of hendrix songs, god how I'd love to play like that..........oh well, I guess I'll just keep keepin on.

My number one suggestion is mississippi queen.
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Stabwound - Necrophagist

Really easy beginner's song

+1...i mean damn, just pick up your guitar...couple of hundred bpm intro..few thousand sweeps...

piece of cake!
Know power chords?

Try Blur - Song 2
It's the same riff the whole song through
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aw i love your song! sell it n' it would deffo be a smash!
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this is great. you've got the words!
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Smells Like teen Spirit - Nirvana

All power chords in intro and Chorus, the verse is two notes, solo is really simple and slow
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I'm with DeltaFunk
From my beginner list I started with (easiest to hardest and also in learning chords easiest to hardest):

Wonderful Tonight
Hey Joe
Fortunate Son
Don't Panic
Dead FLowers
Mr. JOnes
Take it Easy
Wish you were here
The Scientist
Let her Cry
Hold my Hand
Give a little Bit
Only Wanna Be with you.
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the rhythm for From Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica
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anything by nickleback...
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search tabs by green day and death cab for cutie.


Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, ACDC, GNR, A7X, Metallica

All riddled with beginner songs you could play easy. Solos are probably out of the question still, and if the leads are too challenging, start with the rhythms.

Don't be a vagina and play green day, death cab for cutie, BLINK 182 (GAYYYYY)...etc

Just because you're a beginner doesn't mean you have to be a queer.

I'd suggest just playing whatever bands you are into. I liked children of bodom when i first started playing guitar, so I found whatever their easiest riffs and rhythms and learned them. Judas Priest has a ****ton of easy songs that sound good, and so does maiden.
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^Doesn't make you a fag, if that's what you want to play. Not everyone's a metalhead.

Um I didnt diss on any other genres, just gay bands.

If he isnt into metal, Eagles, Floyd, Zeppelin, Rush.

Sorry bud, but if you like blink 182 and you are older than 10 you are gay, end of story.
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Plug In Baby by Muse.

The riff might be tough for you, but it will help you a lot developing your alternate picking technique and speed. It helped me a lot when I learned it.
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Sorry, TS, been a long day. i was out of line there, though.
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ok and with that, this thread is reported.


there's a basic section

post after at your own risk.

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you could try almost anything by the misits I had only been playing for less then a month and me and some buddies did a talent show at the high school doing the song dig up her bones and then the next year we did the song scream