Hey guys,

first off, i love my Twin Reverb to death...

most of my main stuff is indie/alt, and currently i have a Digitech Bad Monkey and a Pro Co RAT, and they're giving me the sound i want for that....

however, i just started a pop punk/pop rock side project, somewhere along the lines of cute is what we aim for, panic at the disco, etc. and im trying to get more of a crunch.
kinda wishing i had an AC30 :/

what distortion or overdrive pedals would you guys recommend to give me a crunch out of my twin? im willing to spend up to 200 bucks...
Perhaps a Jekyll & Hyde? That's a distortion and overdrive in a twin pedal. Depending on your particular style of pop-punk you will probably use either one.

But honestly I'm surprised the pedals you have won't give you the settings you want.


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A crunch? hmmmm....I would say MI Audio Crunchbox would be perfect. Not to sound sarcastic or anything, lol
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