So Whats the diffrents between a tube amp head it self and a power amp rack and pre-amp rack.

like a peavey EVH 5150 V.S. a Engl 580 midi pre-amp/engl power-amp E850.

i mean sure you get a poweramp and pre amp together in the peavey head with liike 4 output tubes, and 8 pre-amp tubes and get a lot of gain...
but the engl pre-amps only uses 2 (pre)tubes and get it gives you massive gain like the peavey head? is it the circuit boards?
Technically...nothing. It's the same thing, just in modular form.

Any differences in sound are not inherent to rack vs head, but rather the design itself.

Also, heh, more preamp tubes does not = more gain. In fact, some may argue that too many tubes actually deteriorate tone (think opamp, on a smaller scale). But that's never a real issue, because usually when you see preamps with that many tubes, not all of them are being utilized at once.
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I've heard of the Digitech 2101 or something like that, is that a pre-amp or power-amp rack or is that an actual combo, or what is that exactly?
Thanks Kayman.
I thought the more tubes you can give you more gain i heard it on a book by Gerald Weber, The guy who writes blogs on vintage amps magazine or something.

but thanks man