You're begging me to lie, but I cannot hide the truth.
It's the only thing we have that will last beyond our youth.
It will last beyond this song and your fake dreams of right and wrong,
and the truth is that I never loved you.

that's ok (whoa-oh)
you'll be alright (whoa-oh)
just hold on babe you'll make it through the night

(insert chorus if i think of one)

You made a big mistake, now you're crying "Take me back!"
But all I see in you is everything you lack.
Like a heart, a soul, a brain, and you diction is so plain
and that is why I never loved you.

any thoughts, suggestions, flaming is welcome
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No bumping, if you want crits, go out, do some, and ask for returns.

At the moment, it lacks a certain structure. Especially with the "insert here" bit. Maybe finish it, crit it yourself, correct it, then post it back up here.