These are some Lyrics to a Funk-adeliK song we put together. The Funk part of the Song is real solid, but i thought it could use some pa-zazz.

Tryin to find
a way to say hi

Body so fine
and i want to make it mine

Total ****in Waste cae
Try to wipe this smile from my face

You look so cool
but my hearts playin a fool

Hey Lady, i really want you to stay
Now Stop; and play that back the right way

(Soul-full solo into Funk-down)

The look on your face
makes me feel disgraced

Light up like a fool
Simply tryin to feel cool

Total ****in Waste Case
Snatch this mind from outter space

A kiss on the lips
these arms around your hips

Couple Zips to flip
Enough of this ****

Meh, thats all i got at the moment. They aren't really the focal point of the song but i kinda like 'em, worth some fine tuning?