I would like to offer this and cash for an ENGL SE. The guitar is at my dealer's place and is mint, so you will not be getting a used guitar, it will be brand new, and most likely I will have a bare knuckle of your choice installed in the bridge or neck.

Send me any offers. I'm selling it for 1900 + fees.
I take it this in US?

Bump I guess. Good luck
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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if that was in the UK and i had money and wasn't saving for a new amp...

i would buy that instantly...
good luck to whoever gets this!
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Got any pics? (I just want to see the guitar, and besides, it will attract buyers!)
It's in a box. At my dealer's. Brand spanking new. The only way it will be opened is to install the pickup and change the tuning.