I was wondering what kind of trem should i get if any would work, for a Epiphone Prophecy SG? I was thinking about a bigsby, but would it fit? I will apreciate any help.
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Id do a flloyd rose if you can dig out the back for the springs just cuz I prefer the feel of one and the fine tuners. Not sure if it'd fit though, Im more of a BC Rich and less of a Epiphone player

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yeah, you can get a bigsby that'll fit.
you can get a stets bar too. they make a model (stop tail) that fits right where the stop bar bridge goes.
A Bigsby will fit, but bear in mind it will require extra drilling and routing work which of course isn't something you can 'fix' later if you decide you don't like it. Also you'll be left with a couple of open holes in the top of the guitar from where the old stopbar was.

On the other hand, there's the Stetsbar. It requires no extra drilling, and can be taken off and replaced by the original bridge without effecting the guitar in any way. It's got more range than a Bigsby, and it's tuning stability is better. It's only flaw is on some guitars, it can murder sustain and it does brighten up the tone slightly (though not quite as much as a Floyd Rose or Fender-style vibrato does). Depending on which specific model you get and what finish you want it in, they can cost quite a lot too.
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