On my way home from work I noticed a funny sound coming from my car whenever I'd accelerate, and then my car just pretty much broke down in the middle of intersection. After much pushing and and a few knobs pulled, I finally got home. However, a friend of mine (who is a mechanic) says that the repair will probably cost around $300, which does not help me budget wise at all. Especially because I'll be touring this winter. Not in the car of course, but it's still a dent I didn't need.

The main problem though, is that that puts a huge dent in my amp budget.

Anyway, anyone think a Peavey Windsor head could pull of a punk crunch sort of sound? I'll try it out tomorrow.
Player, give me some brew an I might just chill
but I'm the type that like to light another joint like Cypress Hill
I hate when things like that get in the way of me being with new equipment

But yeah, I'm pretty sure windsors are meant for a more vintage rock and roll
type tone, so you miight have to get an OD pedal to pull off punky stuff.