I recently got a digitech RP7 valve and its my first multieffect pedal/board. It took me a while to get it all set up but now I have a decent clean and distortion setting. I don't use a whole lot of the other features so some of it isn't as useful to me. I was just wondering how this board would compare to say.. EH Metal muff or a MT-2 Metal zone pedal.

I'm mainly just going for the metallica distortion (both older and newer) for solos and rhythm as well as a good clean sound. I intend to play some Satriani, Megadeth, Creed, and Alter Bridge in the future.

In terms of gear, I have a fat squier strat and a Roland Cube 30. I've only been about 10 months and I'm starting to look for replacements for my starting gear. I just got the Roland cube used.

Thanks for any opinions and advice.
Anyone want to take a stab at this?

I think I'm missing a lot of sound potential from the RP7 because of my lack of knowledge. I don't really know how these Low, mid, and high gain and frequency work.
if you search rp7 patches, you will find a whole library on digitech's website, none are perfect for me but I found that with some tweaking i can get some fantastic sounds for my specific setup. in either case they beat the hell out of the factory settings