so Bjork is beautiful in every way shape and form. her appearance is so indefferent and her words, voice, eyes, video, movement as well. it just goes beyond all understanding. everything she does is so passionate and crosses the line between what is human and not. im so in love with her. i ecspecially love the songs joga and who is it. agreed?
She's a musical genius, in my opinion.

I saw her live in NYC right after 911 and it was so beautiful, people were moved to tears in the audience. I was so happy to be there, after being bombarded by the images of the buildings collapsing over and over, it was like a healing moment for me and I think for many others. It was like a reminder that there was still goodness and beauty and love in the world.
she not big around cali. i found out about her in a book, a million little pieces and i decided to go exploring and look her up and feel in love. (this crap doesnt leave this thread!!!)
I saw her live a while back. It didn't do a lot for me. I love her records though.
I just got Debut not too long ago, really love it. I've been on a Bjork thing for a while.
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Debut is pretty good.
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If I were to start listening to Bjork, where should I start? What's her most accessible work?
Yeh i have a little crush on her.
Post is my Favourite, although i love Homogenic and Debut.

Cant wait to hear the new album (alltogether on CD, i have no ipadpodphone ect.)
I like some of her songs. I discovered her when her song "Army of me" was used for the soundtrack of Suckerpunch. I also like "Hyperballad" and "Violently Happy"
Vespertine is my second favorite, her new album Biophilia has a similar vibe to those two too

And check out Medulla just for how cool it is (the entire album was created acapella)