site for me to put my music on, that has some sort of player / or downloader thing i can put INSIDE my myspace. this is because myspace, being the crappy website that it is has taken away the ability for users to download songs off the site....

does anyone know a website or something i can do this with that wont be super obtrusive on my page.

I just want ppl to be able to download songs if they want them, because at the moment they cant get them at all.
Purevolume is pretty good, but I don't know how many people use it and I'm sure you won't be able to put the player on your Myspace profile, though anyone who puts enough effort into clicking on a link should be able to do it.

Sorry I can't be of very much help.

EDIT: ^ Dammit, I was beaten!
www.imeem.com works well enough.you can upload your music etc and it gives you a html code for it
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