I know this is gonna sound like a dumbass question, but I didn't register for an account for nothin...
Anyone know of a good way to loosen up your strumming/picking hand so it's more fluid? I feel like its a little jumpy right now and kinda tense when I'm playing, but if I try to relax it too much my playing gets sloppy...any thoughts?
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why on earth is this in riffs and recordings lol.

Could you suggest a better category?
Has to do with riffs maybe?

Let's give him some time to learn his way around, first.

Try this in the electric guitar forum, man. This forum is usually for recordings and stuff.
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Reported so it'll be moved. As for me, I usually just hold my hands together and rotate my wrists.
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thank you sooooooo much for the advice Fast_Fingers...i would hug you if i could...i looooove you!

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