there are plenty of these threads i know, and i'm expecting a wave of "i cum blood" and "fap", but what do i have to lose?

my band needs a name, we've run through Defender, Skinner and Judge Dredd, but need something better. besides, there's already a band called Defender.

we play thrash/crossover/hardcore stuff btw.
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Same situation, well i was, i went to the band name generator ( google it ), my band's called Moon Turtle now.(It was that or good temperemented turtle.

I'm serious.

We're a thrash/metal band from Nsw
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EDIT: I'd say use The Seventh Tower, but that's mine so hands off :-)
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how about "the attorneys"

The Barristers.
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^your new band name

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actually i may save that one...

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