When bending strings for example if I'm playing in Am pentatonic (the only key I've decided to learn so far) is it okay if I go to a note that's out of key then bend up to a note that's in key? so for example I could go to the 3rd fret D string (F) and play it then bend it up to a G (since that's in the scale)

just pondering this


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you can do whatever you want, see if you like the sound.
technically F is in the minor scale anyway so it will sound fine

F is in A-Minor

F# is not

But it'll be fine bending like that, as long as you bend in tune.
Well as you already mentioned F does not fit into Am pentatonic. The notes within Am pentatonic are the same as Cmaj pentatonic: CDEGA. However, F is present in A minor/C Major, there really is nothing wrong with bending up from F to get to G. Basically, your ear determines what's _right_.
Dissonance: two or more notes of different intervals that clash and need to be resolved in order for the ear to be satisfied

When used correctly, it can add a lot to a solo. It's all about creativity.
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