Looking at alot of widely reknowned recording guitarists etc it can be quite a pleasure for the eyes to see how smooth and minimal the movements are if playing a lead part or, especially a chord progression, Mikael Akerfeldt is an example that springs to mind

Although I can play a fair set of chord progressions etc it can often come across as jumpy or unsure despite having a good idea of where I'm about to put my hand. I wouldn't usually worry about aesthetics but i'm quite sure that it's the source of unecessary stress on the hand, time wasting and just not as easy as it could be

Anyone have any tips for eradicating this 'stuttering/unsure' behaviour? I've most likely gotten stuck into the habit of it after the years I have been playing
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Anyways, to answer your question, I think this just comes with years of playing. It happens to me too. I'm not exactly sure how to stop it though, but I can suggest more self-confidence. Do you gig? If so, worry less about making mistakes. Actually, even if you don't gig, you should worry less about making mistakes because playing whether you are in front of people or not should be fun. Sometimes good chords/sounds can come from hitting an accidental note. So just be more self-confident and not worry about the shakiness.
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This is true. It's an experience thing. It just becomes more natural to you after years and years of playing. Don't stress about it. Obviously the more you play, the quicker it'll develop. It's like alternate picking - you'll never be very fast if you have too much excess movement.
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