I'm at this point in my life where don't know when I practice or just play :S
How do you really practice? I'm trying to learn the trooper by iron maiden. It's really fast and I can't get clean tones.
i use guitar pro, and start on half speed and work up
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Quote by nebno6
i use guitar pro, and start on half speed and work up

I too use guitar pro 5.. do you first nail the song on half speed then when it's clean you adjust the bpm from half?

Scales, diffcult techniques you haven't mastered yet (sweep picking, shred playing etc) technical excerises like hand strenghtening and speed building exercises, metronome work (always opracitce with a metronome or drum machine, even if you think your timing is good!), chords (jazz chords extensions etc, youmay ever use them but it's good to know them jus in case) and maybe sgh reading if you are into that.


Practcie songs you want to leanr, play along to CD's practice improv etc.

In a Nutshell:

Practice is when you do whatever you suck at, slwoly and then building speed.
PLaying is learning new song and having fun.