I'm looking at a Jackson Professional series Jackson. There has been some confusions about this series. I know that under 90 to 94 these were coming from Japan and have good quality. But what I don't know about is the other Professional series that were made outside of that period? Were they any good?

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the jackson professional sereis are great guitar if ur a metal fan so if u where to play it clean it would suck unless u get a powerful amp to put alot of bass/trebble and some reverb
The current Pro models are really nice, I couldn't tell you how they compare to the mid-80's ones. Ask CJ Rocker.
The Akai's (95 or so onwards to about 02) had issues with crappy hardware and pickups. Knock on wood though, you still see a lot with the original tremolos, but most people I find asking for replacement advice had the Akai ones or the chrome Fender ones. Fender made ones from about 03 I think onwards have real Duncans/active EMGs and better hardware on the Pros. Nothing beats the original Professionals though in quality. Real MOP, Schaller trems on some models, better players. But they also have risen in value a bit lately.
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The Jackson Pro series are great guitars if you're a metal fan, but if you were to play it clean it would probably suck, unless you have an amp capable of dialling in lots of bass/treble as well as some reverb.

And the post was wrong too. A lot of Jacksons are not only great for metal, but the ones loaded with the JB/Jazz combination are versatile as anything - slick, fast necks and a classic pickup combo can handle anything, and the Jazz model in particular sounds great clean. Or is it the '59 model? Anyway.

Edit: and the amp wouldn't improve the cleans at all in the way you suggested, although you perhaps meant a clean sound saturated with reverb and slight delay, which is a common method of getting better clean sounds out of a lacklustre rig.

Jackson Pro series are great, IMO. Keenly priced but not making massive compromises on quality and specification. As already mentioned, a fair few come with the Duncans, so you won't be cheated sound wise either.
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