im going to get a mini amp to carry around easily and for pretty much messing around and ive been looking at the

Orange micro crush,
Marshall MS-2,
Marshall MS-4 and
Danelectro Honeytone

im using an ESP with active emg pickups and i play a mix of clean and distorted sounds (i like to dabble in blues, jazz, punk, ska and metal) so i need something fairly versatile, but i think the most important thing for me on these is the quality of clean sounds on these amps as i can always run them through pedals for distorted sounds

i dont really want anything more expensive than any of these and would like to hear anyones preferences/experiences from the ones i have looked at or alternatives of similar price

thanks, i am in your hands!
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The Honeytone doesn't really have much of a clean sound, so I'd avoid it. I've not played any of the others, though, so I can't give you any advice on them.
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Roland Microcube or Vox da5

Yea I'm in total agreement with this one. I had the small marshall thing and then realized that I needed one of the two listed by Ghold125.

They are worth saving for, you will end up doing so eventually if you buy one of the ones you listed.
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I would not reccomend a marshall, my MS2 didnt last 10 minutes, vox amplugs are good if you can be bothered with earphones
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