Hey guys im sure you get plenty of these threads so ill keep it short and sweet given the option out of a les paul special 2 or a squier bullet strat which would you get? Im pretty much limited to these guitars ive been checking and waiting for a bargain in the local paper and ebay with no luck and i simply cant wait any longer for one to come along, these guitars are what my budget is limited too so your opinion would be appreciated.
...the short and simple answer is that they are both kinda crappy

what's your budget, kind of music you play and current gear?
I don't want to sound like a dick, but both guitars are bad. At least save up some more so you can afford a Squire Affinity, Standard or a Yamaha Pacifica 012. You are not going to do yourself a favour by buying a bad, unreliable guitar.
My budget atm is $400 au which is prolly around 250 us but this has to cover guitar and amp im at uni atm so cash is kinda tight i can understand the benefits for saving up to afford a better setup im just eager to get into it, hopefully looking to play the norm some gunners, led zepp etc.
whatever you do dont get the bullet its horendous
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Do not get a special...

Sorry, had to get that accross, The special and the bullet are really quite bad... I would say you could easily save up and get either a standard squire, a pacifica as Quailman said or maybe a Les Paul studio...


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Get a cheapy ibanez. Look at the RG 300 dollar one and the 100 dollar line 6. Should be perfect for u.
Ya, they're both not the best, like I think I like the bullet better, but look for something else maybe.
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you can save a bit more.
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The special's not a bad guitar, the pickups are just pretty crappy. I'd go for it, if you're limited that much by your budget. Also, check craigslist a lot, i see a lot of fender mexican strats for $300 about every week.