Most of the time we chose to close our eyes to the injustice in the world around us. Wars without and within, crime and violence daily in our streets and the aftermath of human conflict captured in the photographic image of the woman in some distant land embracing her crying child in her arms with that blank expression of utter hopelessness and mind numbing pain.

The lyrics of this song challenge us to look again to God who in Jesus Christ His Son becomes a man and shares in the sufferings of this world, demonstrating a love for humankind that knows no boundaries.


Do you believe that one man by his vision
Can make a difference, could put an end to war?
That passive action can stem the tide of anger
To turn the other cheek kicks violence out the door?
What do you believe?

Do you believe a shallow explanation
Can offer comfort to a mother in distress
When in her arms she hears her childrens' cry of anguish
And in her heart she bears a world of hopelessness?
What do you believe?

Do you believe that all the worlds oppression
Serves some greater good, some mystical design
Could all this mayhem form the pieces of a puzzle
That fit together in some seamless masterplan?
Tell me, what do you believe?

I believe that in the end love conquers
In a world where evil holds the upper hand
That simple faith can move the highest mountain
The rose of hope can blossom in a desert land
I believe in God
I believe in God
I believe in God
And the power of love

There's nothing wrong with it, in actual fact it's very good. But i found it to be dreary, very passive. And I'm really not sure why.