Ok just bought a 2nd hand Epiphone SG cost £90. Done a search and it came back that the Guitar was made in Korea July 1999. Condition of the guitar was excellent a bit dusty but not a scratch on the body, head or neck. There is a little chip out of 2 of the control knobs thats it, well happy

I want to change the strings any idea which ones would be best. I want to play rock Sabbath, AC/DC etc. Also whats the best way to clean the guitar up.
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To clean it, wipe it down with a soft rag to get rid of any big stuff. Then, breath on the guitar, and use the moisture from your breath to get rid of what's still on there. If that doesn't work, or you need to really clean it, you can use naptha (lighter fluid) on a rag. None of those will hurt your guitar, but I'm not sure about what will happen if you leave lighter fluid on for long periods of time, so just get some on a rag, if you need to use it.