anyone got the lowdown on squiers all i know is there related but not nearly a fender.can you tell me the difference in the bullets? and the affinity and standard series which is better? and what makes the difference? thanks
Go out to a store and play them yourself.

We can tell you the facts, nothing you couldn't find out yourself.

Only you can find out if it is the guitar for you.
Affinity series are a little less crappy than the bullet. and they play just a little better. something similar you might try is looking for a Yamaha Pacifica. like a strat only better than a Squier.
that seems to be the advice i get everywhere so far its hard to believe fender would be associated with them if there so bad but i guess they want there share of the economy line money
get a fender standard strat made in mexico.
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you can easily find better guitars for the price range, but if you must get the squier, stay away from the bullet. I think the standard has an agathis body so stay away from that. The affinity, although it is a little thinner, is made of solid alder, making it probably the best choice. Just find one that plays pretty good, because guitars in that range are really spotty quallity. my brother has an affinity strat and for 150 dollars, its actually a decent guitar.
The best thing to do when considering any guitar, is find a local shop that carries them and go play them. Do not be shy about it either. Plug them up to a decent amp and play however long it takes to form your own opinion. Wether your spending very little or a whole lot, it's your money, so make every penny count.
The standard is the best by far. It may have an Agathis body, however has 22 frets Alnico pickups, a two point synchronised tremelo and all the hardware believe it or not is very good. However i reccomend a proper setup!

However play before you buy = best

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These squiers are much better, and are equal to or better than MIM's:

Classic Vibe Series
Vintage Modified Series

If you're gonna get a squier, and can afford these (they're mostly about $300), get one.