"When I wrote the riff it sounded better"

"I don't get that same " Magic" effect I had when I wrote that song/riff"

"I don't seem to get a song fully done in a way that I like it"

"I have a great melody in my head, but I can't get it in my hands"

(a classic)
"It sounded better in my room"

Well I have an possible explanation, and it's quite simple yet it makes a world of a difference:

Record ur songs.

Sounds to simple maybe? Too lame? To obvious?

Yet it helped me alot.

I will Explain why:

The Human mind is a very mysterious thing. If you get something on record, it will be as it is, and it won't change. If you however write stuff and don't record it. Then I can tell you for 100% sure, it will change in ur mind in time, even if u think it doesn't.

This can be because of emotions, or events in life, or even if u woke up and had a bad nightsleep. You ears also get tired, and if you listen to something over and over, you won't be as sharp, and it can seriously influence how u compose or play.

Also if you record ur stuff. You can have other people listen to it, and tell what they do or don't like and why. In some cases it can be quite an "eye opener", or in this case an "ear opener".

Freepower for instance; Checked out a vid of mine, and said ur Index finger Vibrato is poor, but ur ring finger vibrato is fine. I never really thought about it. It's a small detail, but it helped so much. And I probably didn't found out about it any time soon, if he didn't tell me.

You can also, always review stuff after weeks or maybe months. Maybe you got a good musical idea down, but ur technique or timing wasn't good so it sounded off. If u record it you can check it out whenever u want in the future, and maybe find a good idea.

I saw a Steve Vai video of a clinic of his, where he said he wrote and recorded the main melody of tender surrender years ago, and didn't wrote the song out untill years after, when at a time he felt he was "musical mature" enough, and his technique 10 times more advanced then when he wrote the initial melody.

You can possibly have a great musical idea down, but lack the technique or compositional skills to make something out of it, which truly gets the best out of it.

Things like this can help a lot.

You can't simply recognize every flaw in ur playing. Maybe you can, but the chance is slim, and it doesn't hurt to get a 2nd opinion right?

So a lil, what shall I call it, observance I took, which I'd wanted to share with u guys.

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^ i'd also like to point out that sometimes when you initially come up with the idea, you'll have an idea for an additional melody line that goes over it when you initially make the riff (maybe you write something in an upper register and hear the lower register beneath it) if you record it, its alot easier to make a couple tracks and record the full song as you hear it, other than just remembering one riff/piece and playing it a day or 2 later and going "hmmmm it sounded better back then, oh well i guess its crap"
Dang, you guys are making me itch to go out and buy a little digital stereo recording device...
^ my first recorder technically was a crappy tape deck from radio shack, i think i spent 10 bucks and it had the worst external microphone. i'd record riffs and then play them back and jam over them. the first real recorder i had was a tascam 4 track (bounce it to 6) and i spent $100 on it and prolly 5 times that amount on tapes (i literally had a collection of probably 600 tapes) it came with a cheapy shure which i just hung directly in front of my amp speaker :P
my mp3 player records my acoustic guitar in surprisingly good quality for it's size. Great for on the fly stuff.
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Dang, you guys are making me itch to go out and buy a little digital stereo recording device...
I've never done this, but you can use a mono 1/4" female to 3.5mm male plug (AU$4) to go directly into the computer, where you can record with Audacity (free program). You're not going to get the sound of your amp, but it works if you're just using it as a notepad like this thread suggests.
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Oh. I thought this was gonna be "The ONLY Composition Thread".

Lol it's just little piece of info which I found usefull for my own playing. IT does help alot. And it's fun to do at the same time.

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Who's Andy Timmons??