So I really am not looking to steal ideas but wouldn't mind seeing how some of you jazz scales up a little? I kind of do what Tremonti does with his minors and pick a note to add a sharp with... example

E minor - E F# G A B C D E
E minor (extra sharp) - E F# G G# A B C D E

I think it adds a pretty cool feel when I go to it once in awhile then merge back in the scale, and makes some cool legato runs.
The great thing about guitar is that you can do so many things to spice up your music.
One of my favorite scales is the Byzantine--it has a very middle eastern sound to it.
I like to weave it in and out of the pentatonic.
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There is extensive theory behind these sort of things. My advice is pick up a Jamey Aebersold book (rhythm section work out is very fun) and learn the thing back to front. Then start using some of the jazz harmony in your rock jam sessions. Just remember that you can play absolutely anything you want over any chord as long as you play with confidence. And you resolve properly.
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if you are gonna add a major 3rd typically you would get rid of the minor 3rd

Ya but that would change the scale completely, this just adds an "out" note that doesnt exactly fit with the rest.