So I have a stock Hamer SAT2 pickup. Don't get me wrong here, I love it, but it tends to be a bit aggravating sometimes what with its static hum and brittle sound. It's got meat though. I'm wondering what a good pickup would be to replace it. It's got to have meat, punch, silence, articulate highs (at high volume and overdrive), calm lows (this can probably be adjusted by tone, but meh.) and good harmonics. I was thinking something in the Seymore Duncan or Gibson range? But what do I know.
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the problem lies with your amp

changing pickups wont change much, far better to go for a tube amp
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yeah "static hum and brittle sound" doesn't describe a stock hamer sunburst to me. That sounds like the shortcomings of the Marshall MG.

Is yours the one with humbuckers, or P-90s?
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it sounds like it's the amp try getting a better amps before getting new pickups.
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Quote by Blacken Seas
it sounds like it's the amp try getting a better amps before getting new pickups.

Even better alternative then that. Run to your local Guitar Center with your axe in hand, and try out bigger better amps then see if you have the issue.

You save yourself lots of money since you don't have to buy a thing until you've diagnosed it completely.
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