Orite everyone, I'm about to do up a guitar which i bought last week, it has a zero fret on which I hate, so im going to take the zero fret off, and slice that end of the fretboard down, and then put the nut there. To compensate for this its going to have to be pretty big though, so ive gone out and got some bone off my butcher.

Ive been boiling it for a few hours now so its all nice and clean and wont rot away on me, but my question is where next? do i just cut it to shape and size and then whack it on? Or do I have to make sure theres no marrow in the middle, or do anything special to it?
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Oh, so you are making a blank out of bone. I have no idea. I alsays bough blanks myself. Once you get it cut to size you will need special files to slot it. Personally, I think you are working way to hard when you can buy nice bone nut blanks for around a dollar each.
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I think you'll have to sand to progressively finer grits until you're polishing it, so your strings won't get caugh in any ruts.

that's nasty. why didn't you just buy an allparts bone nut? they're $4
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^Because that plus shipping is around 10 bucks and TS prolly got a piece of bone from the butcher for free (at least I see no point in charging for something like that, being so plentiful and useless to the butcher...)

Do what deftones said, then get some needle files (or screw-mac nut slot files) and slot the nut. Dry-fit and shave away from the bottom if needed. Be sure to get the string spacing right.

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