right now im currently playin a Line 6 Spider lll 15W, its brilliant isnt it( not the sarcasm!!)

basicalli i wnna upgrade mi amp, im look for sumthing around 30 Watts and dats capable of playing metallica, deth, bullet, trivium etc

however, i cannot decided between gettin a tube amp and a solid state amp so could you guys help me

my price range is around £400

Try the roland cube series
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ENGL fund €120/€1941.5
1. go tube
2. you fail the 6th grade for poor spelling and grammar

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go tube
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1. go tube
2. you fail the 6th grade for poor spelling and grammar

im in the UK bitch

its 6th grade


why tube?
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im in the UK bitch

What's wrong with the Spider? That's a great amp. Don't let anyone tell you different they are just green with envy.
Why do people suggest "tube" in every case ever?

This little girl isn't ready for a tube amp, clearly. She/he probably isn't even ready to move on from super awesome Spider III.

For future reference to you new guys...STOP TELLING PEOPLE TO GET TUBE AMPS WHEN THEY DON'T NEED ONE!
okai but ive gt a problem with my sound when playing

For those of you who have line 6 spiders, while your playing trough the crunch or the metal channel, when you start 2 play higher strings does the sound come out a lot quiter compared to the INSANE chanel?

i dnt knw if this is my guitar or amp

could you uGers kindly help me