Quote other artists melodies, even if it's in a completely different way? For example, I'm in a jam band right now and in one of our recordings that we're thinking of distributing, I quote the simpsons theme at the end of a big E major lydian jam, would this be illegal? I'm more curious than anything, not so anxious to use this recording that I can't just redo a guitar solo
If it's not extremely obvious, and not for too long, then no, not really.
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nah if its just a solo then u just sampled it. u may be asked to pay royalies if u make it reli reli big but probs not
It's not illegal; jazz musicians have been doing stuff like that for decades.
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If it's in a different key u could prolly get away with it
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If you quote it and SELL it, and the passage is very obviously sampled, then it's the same principle as actually sampling another artist. You have to give credit and royalties in that situation.

If you're doing it in a situation where you don't profit from it, then it's fine.
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Well just say you didn't, cas there's too many songs in this world and people are beginning to run out of original riffs...
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lol you're never going to make it big enough and sell enough units to force Fox to justify suing you... but really... the simpsons?

are you stuck in 1996?
Only if the song is copyrighted
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This man knows. Basically the whole of Led zeppelin one and two, as well as several other songs were total rip offs of obscure blues artists. And yes, that includes the Lemon Song.
you are allowed to quote about 4 measures of music as you please without having to pay royalties. if it's simply the daaa da da dadaaaa da da beginning part of the melody, you're in the clear.

and if anyone ever asks, just say "of course it's the simpsons melody, it's a tribute/homage"
and you're safe.