Well after two years of electric, i think im coming back to acoustic

i play both off an on , but really was focusing on electric there for a while, vibrato, scales. ect...trying to learn to solo

recently found a lynyrd skynyrd song, "all i can do is write about it" that was easy to learn and sing to while on acoustic.....now i want to sing and play and do more acoustic stuff

im sure ill circle back to electric but this is fun now.

Whats a good acoustic for 500-1k range.

I currently have a 145 $ yamaha f-335 ; its actually pretty descent
Epiphone Masterbilt is a good series of guitars to look into.

Seagulls are also good too.
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The epi masterbuilts are definitely good. I recommend the Alvarez Masterworks series, check out either the md90, or the md95. Both are going to be hard to beat for their price range.
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Yea, i was considering an alvarez,

i havent played the epi's yet.

Thx for the recomendations, that m95 does look gorgeous
I just got my own masterbilt and i am totally in love now.

Its like a poorman's martin!

Nice to know, cuz im thinkin of cutting the cost on my acoustic, and doing an acoustic & recording package

Really think i'd improve more if i started to record mystelf
Unless you need to record drums i what id do is what my mate did he bought a £3 USB mic and just downloaded audacity for free and it sounds really good all he does is mic his amp and just does track recordings which i was quite supprised the sound doesnt loes any quality or distort or crackle or anything.