Hey guys I've been playing guitar for two years now. I've practised a lot lately and now I'm pretty good. I've always been loving funk but I don't like the use of the guitar in it.

So, Christmas is coming up and I've been thinking about getting a bass. But I'm a bit curious about these things:

-What will be the main difficulties from moving to guitar to bass?
-What are the best basses for slapping and funk under 300$?
-Should I get lessons with it? It's pretty similar to guitar and I'm not sure if it worths it.

It really isn't that similar to guitar. Approaches to techniques are different, hell, even the way you hold the bass is different. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the bass is just an oversized, understirnged guitar.

Difficulties: fret size, neck size, fretting strength required, hand stretching required, finger picking- expect blisters when you're starting out.
I know it's pretty different. But do you think the information I can get from the net or books is enough? Or do I really need a private teacher?

Thanks for the infos . I'll have a lot of things to work out I think.
The switch takes getting used to, but it's worth it in the end. I did it, and I loved it. Hell, playing bass made me appreciate the dymanics of my band more, and taught me more about guitar, just like what I learned from guitar could be applied to bass.

The great thing about bass is that you can always tell the wankers and posers. 90% of bass is mentality, and practice. Who cares how fast and wonderful your technique is if you can't play with anyone else.
I understand your point. I don't see the bass as a solo instrument. But I've heard songs, like crossroads, where the bass is kinda doing a solo but is still backing the guitar. I feel like more songs should be like that.

The reason I want a bass in the first place is for my own compositions. But I know I'll have to practise a lot before using it to it's full potential. Rooster, may I ask you what did you gain from bass that improved your guitar playing? Is it rythm? Or did you improved your fingerpicking?
Right hand technique for starters. Even if you are gonna use a pick, it's different. It's harder to fret a note, and obviously there's a larger reach between frets. Also you should learn a bunch of theory, it'll really help if you want to jam with someone.

I'd say get a fender, maybe a squier jazz or precision. I've wanted a fender jazz or precision for a while now, unfortunately I'm not loaded when it comes to money.

Also, bass CAN be a lead instrument but NOT a solo instrument, as someone pointed out here already. Listen to reggae, ska, funk or jazz. There are driving/walking bass lines, and very often only rhythm guitar.

Another thing: If you want to get good at bass, I'd suggest studying a bunch of musicians, it helped me.
It's not as "different" from guitar as most people on here make it out to be. My music teacher once told me that playing a bass is essentialy playing "half guitar" and vis versa when I was makeing the jump and wondering how it was different like you are right now.I think youshould adapt pretty quickly if you have been playing guitar already for 2 years. Just apply what you knew on guitar to bass, thats how I was able to switch. Plus bass is alot more fun in my opionion you might pick it up alot more then guitar.
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It's not a huge jump, and if you play fingerstyle guitar, you will have a decent time adapting to bass plucking. The fret spacing is going to FREAK YOU OUT at first...but why switch? play both!

For $300 and Slap, there is one correct answer..Squier Vintage Modified 70's Jazz Bass...which is often the correct answer to any "What bass should I get?" question!
^ Definitely get the vm jazz. there's a reason why they get the kind of love that they do here. As for lessons, if you were only doing fingerstyle, then you could go without lessons, I guess. But because you're interested in slap, getting formal lessons is a MUST. I tried to teach myself slap once, turns out I my technique was horrible. Luckily, I was taking lessons at the time, so I didn't really develop any bad habits. Still, take lessons if you want to slap, or else you'll end up like Flea, only able to slap roots, 5ths and octaves, and doing it all with horrible technique.
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